It's About 2 Get Personal

Very Very Personal

You every have something happen to you that just stops you dead in your tracks? I'm not talking about Bigfoot or encountering ET or anything like that, I'm talkin' people. 

Someone ever touch your hair unexpectedly? Or maybe that slur just rolled a bit too casually of that guy's tounge?

Then this show's for you. 

Featured Episode Previews

From Episode 1 - The Suitcase 

From Episode 2 - The Playground 

Need a sample? Check out the previews for some of the episodes above. And when you're all done, get started with the stories below. 

Getting Started With The Show

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00 - Nah... We Gotta Have an Intro

Learn a bit more about the host and what led him to create this show as he speaks a bit on his experience as a queer black man traveling the globe.  


Getting Started With The Show


01 - The Suitcase

Stephanie Habib is American-Egyptian, and for some people, that's all they need to know. 


Hear her story on her enounters with racism and how it's followed her across borders. 


Getting Started With The Show


03 - The Playground

Tiwa is a Nigerian name... oh wait, sorry... was that not the question?... Why am I Black you say?... ummm.....

Tune in on the tales of a British-Nigerian woman's recounting of her childhood experiences. 




Interested in Being on the Show?

We're just getting started here, and are actively looking for people to be guests for an episode. If you like what you've heard, and think you have an intresting story to tell, Drop us a line and let us know; you could become apart of the show's launch package!